Video Gallery

Welcome to the Willamette River Festival official video channel! We are excited to connect our viewers to safe and fun recreational experiences on the river, as well as the history, culture, and ecology of our greater Willamette Valley.

Please check back as we update our gallery with resources celebrating “all things Willamette” from “how-to” and “where-to” paddling instruction to wildlife viewing opportunities, and exploring our natural history and culture of our local Indigenous People.

Videos Coming Up

Paddlesports Education Day

As part of the 2020 Willamette River Festival, the City of Eugene River House Outdoor Center will present informational videos and challenges that focus on paddlesports safety, skills and education. The event will start with the release of 2 videos. The first will focus on general paddlesports safety and present equipment, strategies and rescue techniques to help you elevate your paddling comfort, safety and ability. The second video will focus on blanket skills that you can use to improve your paddling skills regardless if you paddle a Canoe, Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard or Raft. This video will focus on the foundations of paddling to expand your understanding of how to most efficiently move a paddle craft through the water. Several techniques will be presented that you can practice at home before transferring those skills to the on-water environment. The day will climax by offering challenges to help improve paddling skills through a series of fun activities which will help you become the best paddler you can be.

In River Education Day

We know the Willamette River is beautiful; the banks, rocks, trees, animals and water mix to create a picturesque scene. Did you know however that what lays in the water is just as amazing and beautiful. On this day, the City of Eugene River House Outdoor Center will present tutorials that focus on ways to experience the Willamette River from the surface and below while keeping safety as the number one priority. The first activity will be a video presenting specific concepts of safety around rivers and open water. Topics will include; equipment, prior planning, site inspection concepts and what you can do to have fun while staying as safe as possible in the water. The second tutorial will focus on the emerging sport of River Snorkeling. Here we will teach you how to see what is under the water and expand your understanding of the associated hazards and ways to stay safe. Ultimately, the day will close with a special challenge; a scavenger hunt in the river searching out underwater features such as unique rock formations, mussel beds and much more.